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Borgo San Felice Resort

60 Rooms

In partnership with Blastness since 2012

website by Blastness
Goals and Strategies
Drive more traffic to the official website

Thanks to sales strategies and the use of various Blastness systems, the official website has been the number one online sales channel for years.

Monitor performance

Business Intelligence is essential to continuously monitor sales performance and develop the best strategies to achieve your goals.

Strategic Product

Revenue consulting to help you develop the best sales strategy and RMS to optimise hotel pricing with pricing tips.

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Danilo Guerrini
Gerente general
How did you find out about Blastness and why did you choose us?

The first encounter between Borgo San Felice and Blastness took place many years ago. It’s now a long-standing relationship that has grown year after year through mutually beneficial discussions. I knew the company before, but operational contact occurred once I arrived at Borgo San Felice.

How has Blastness improved your daily operations?

It has been very successful at optimising the time it takes to achieve our goals. For me, it has accelerated my learning and understanding of online distribution, strategic planning and scheduling.

Which product could you not live without?

The Blastness Suite and, in particular, all the reporting systems that are essential to keep the hotel under control, and the RMS.

Which strategic activity contributes most to improving your competitiveness in respect to OTAs?

I am convinced that all activities, taken as a whole, contribute to limiting the rampant growth of OTAs, that do not reflect the philosophy that distinguishes a property - like ours - that focuses on guests’ needs and attention to detail.

As regards revenue growth, what added value do you think Blastness brings?

The constant support of its people and the knowledge that is shared so well.

Given the results achieved, what do you think is the strength of our PPC campaigns?

The ability to never lower your online presence level, which ensures constant visibility by facilitating conversions and site traceability.

What new goal do you have for the future?

Consolidate growth trends and seasonal stays by engaging as many colleagues as possible. These days, travel is for all seasons.

Why should a hotel choose Blastness today?

I wonder why someone wouldn't choose Blastness. The expertise of such a young team to support better management of new technologies to follow an ever-growing evolutionary trend is now a must for hotels.