Are you a Hotel?

Pay Per Result: the win-win solution to grow with Blastness

The partnership is a unique, flexible and customised solution, which allows you to use the systems and services provided by Blastness without any risk and by paying only in relation to the achievement of previously shared and agree upon growth targets. On a contractual level, we therefore guarantee you a return on your investment: we finance your growth project and you only pay when you actually earn the profit.

We collect and analyse your facility's data

In order to offer you the solution that best suits your needs, we first carry out an overall analysis of your hotel and a performance audit so as to identify areas for improvement and potential growth targets.

We define and share the targets to be achieved

On the basis of the data from the analysis, a dedicated Blastness team will work on defining targets, such as the revenue development of the proprietary site or the RevPAR growth.

We formulate a tailor-made activity plan for you

Once the targets to be achieved have been shared and agreed upon, an activity plan is formulated, usually lasting 5 years, based on the results of the previous and current year. Each proposal is highly customised and built according to R.O.I. (Return On Investment) logic to be win-win for the hotel and for Blastness.

Success Stories

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