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Connect the CRS to your hotel management system

The PMS Manager is an interface that allows you to connect the CRS to your PMS in different ways, depending on your needs. The most frequently used function of the PMS Manager is the "download" of bookings from the CRS into the PMS: in this way, your management system will be updated in real time with respect to reservations from all sales channels.

It is also possible to use the PMS Manager to transmit availability from the PMS to the CRS based on room type; or to transmit the rates from the CRS to the PMS or, vice versa, to transmit the rates from the PMS to the CRS.

We guarantee a connection with over 80 management systems (ProtelOperaLeonardoHotel 5 StelleEricsoftSysdatScrignoHotel Cube, etc.)

one way A configuration
one way B configuration
two ways A configuration
two ways B configuration
two ways C configuration
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