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The number one RMS in Italy to optimize your sales strategy

The RMS is a system of automated and semi-automated management of pricing strategies based on the real time analysis of the hotel’s data, market trends and the pressure of demand recorded by the hotel. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it can suggest optimal rate changes, differing by sales channels.

The RMS allows you to:
  • Define "rate strategy" rules based on calendar, occupancy, and booking window that support the hotel in optimizing the applied RATE GRID
  • Suggestions derived from artificial intelligence algorithms that adapt to the presence of RATE GRID
  • Ability to work in "hybrid" mode, combining actions suggested by the "manual" rate strategy with the rate  strategy suggested by the algorithms
  • Possibility to work both by rate grid and by open price on single date
  • Possibility to apply "rate strategy" rules by cluster room. The system allows differentiated suggestions by customizable room clusters
RMS rules

Revenue management system based on the creation of tariff strategies that automatically suggest a change in BAR level based on these three variables:
- Occupancy
- Booking Window
- Date of Stay

RMS Sybilla

The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms that, by analyzing internal data of bookings, occupancies and average revenue and external data of demand pressure and price trends, determines the estimated occupancy by date and suggests optimal rate changes also calculated on the basis of a dynamic competitive set.

The RMS data sources 

Can be both the Blastness CRS and your PMS management system, as well as all the other internal and external sources, to allow the system to have availability of all the information it needs to help you manage your pricing strategy in the best possible way.


The RMS, through the analysis of internal reservations, occupancy and average revenue data, has at its core a Forecasting algorithm that is able to determine for each date the estimated occupancy with a very high degree of accuracy (at 60/90 days the accuracy reaches between 92% and 95%)

Case Studies
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