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Quality data, reports and insights to monitor and improve your online sales

The CRS Business Intelligence consists of several easy-to-read reports for analysing and monitoring your sales performance. The data analysed comes from all the channels linked to the Blastness CRS: website, OTA / IDS, tour operator, GDS, CRO.

The reports make it possible to analyse - in terms of revenue, room nights and average revenue - the hotel’s production values ​​by check-in date, by booking date and by sales channel, and also offer a monthly performance summary, highlighting the differences compared to the budget and to the previous year.

Thanks to the reports, it is possible to analyse user requests made on the hotel’s booking engine and monitor the pressure of demand and the progress of the booking window.

Monitor your KPIs

The CRS Snapshot analyses the trend curves of the main KPIs (revenues, ADR, room nights) and allows a comparison between a given period and the same period in a previous time series.

Analyse monthly bookings

The CRS pickup - the sum of bookings made in a predefined time interval - offers you a graphical representation of the total monthly data collected (all channels passing through the Blastness CRS) and for segment, also showing you a relative comparison with the previous year.

Monitor your availability

The report analyses the number of logs received day by day and indicates the search rates with availability not found for the purpose of analysing both the pressure and the opportunities that are not being seized.

Reports in Excel format and pivot tables

Various reports (Web Daily Trend, CRS Snapshot, CRS Pick up, Room Type, etc.) are automatically sent via email in Excel format and are uploaded to a cloud area in order to consult historical reports. Reports in Excel format also contain filters on pivot tables for customised analyses.

Case study
Official Website Growth VS. IDS Growth

Comparison between the annual turnover official website growth and the OTAs one

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