Are you a Hotel?

Maximise the performance of your advertisements on search engines and metasearch engines

The Blastness BMS is a technological platform custom created for the hospitality sector, based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, capable of managing Pay Per Click campaigns in an automated way, for each individual hotel, for thousands of search terms and dozens of countries, optimising the results in real time.

The BMS allows you to:
  • Integrate data on the advertising platforms with data from the CRS and PMS, in order to quickly understand the real market trend, translating it into marketing actions
  • Process the data from the advertising and web analytics platforms in order to dynamically introduce always new and pertinent keywords, increasing the relevance of the advertisements for users.
  • Dynamically modify the different bidding components, guaranteeing maximum conversion capacity.
  • Enjoy a virtually unlimited budget and Always On campaigns
Case studies
PPC contribution

Incidence of turnover from Pay Per Click campaigns

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