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Monitor competitors' pricing strategy and positioning

Monitor competitors' pricing strategy and positioning  2

Knowing and monitoring your competitors’ pricing strategy helps to develop a unique and distinctive placement.

The Rate Shopper allows you to:
  • Monitor the difference between your rates and the average sales rates of competitors over the month
  • Analyse your sales rate compared to that of individual competitors on each day of the year, by room type and product rate type
  • Analyse how the sales rates have changed in the last 30 days, with an indication of the open or closed dates in the chosen time frame
  • Monitor the sales rates for individual room types (e.g. sea view room / junior suite)
  • Check the information regarding the detected rate (room, channel, date and time of reading, type of accommodation)
  • Make real time requests for online price checks
Among the new features is the Parity Check
  • Keeping tabs on the official site's rate versus those of the same hotel on major OTAs
  • Avoid disparity issues that benefit intermediaries on rate comparators (such as Google Hotel Ads)
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