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The latest innovation in hotel technology systems

The latest innovation in hotel technology systems 2

Blastness Suite 
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The integrated platform provides easy access to the main hotel management tools, also from third parties, and correlates a large set of data from different products to optimise pricing, maximise revenue and increase bookings from the official website with data-driven suggestions.

The latest innovation in hotel technology systems 3
Blastness Suite
Data integration

Blastness Suite collects and processes data from the various systems used by the hotel, providing a comprehensive and constantly updated snapshot of its own performance and that of the market, and proposing customised strategic suggestions based on the characteristics of the individual property, the pressure of demand, the target market, and the goals for the various segments. The hotel has at its disposal customised information that proposes highly accurate and reliable tactical and strategic interventions aimed at optimising performance and profitability, thus generating a competitive advantage for hotels using Blastness Suite.

The latest innovation in hotel technology systems 4
Blastness Suite
Systems integration

Blastness Suite is a modular platform that provides nine different, constantly evolving systems that can also be integrated with third-party systems. The connection between the different systems allows the hotel to optimise its operations and decision-making processes, thanks to the use of easy-to-read, interactive panels that summarise data and suggest targeted interventions that can be applied manually by the operator, automatically by the platform, or in hybrid form: the changes applied will update and affect all other integrated systems, thus making interventions fast and efficient.

The latest innovation in hotel technology systems 5
The nine systems accessible from the Blastness Suite