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Metasearch Advertising, maximum visibility on comparators

Metasearch Advertising, maximum visibility on comparators  2

The service allowing for the promotion of official hotel website on major metasearch engines, such as Google Travel, TripAdvisor and Trivago. These platforms have recorded the highest percentage growth over the past few years, with 3.6 out of 5 travelers consulting them during their search for accommodation.

With Metasearch Advertising you will be present on the channels with the highest percentage growth in recent years:
  • 24/7 Always On ads in over 200 countries. These ads can dynamically adjust to meet the needs of different markets and seasons
  • Possibility to increase direct traffic when users are searching by location (e.g. using Property Promotion ads or Sponsored Placements)
  • Data-driven approach to target users who are close to booking
Metasearch Advertising, maximum visibility on comparators  4
Tripadvisor Hospitality Marketing Partner

for expertise in promotion on the platform

Dr. Tomaso Uliana
Former Strategic Partner Manager
Google Italy

Blastness is a Google Partner certified company, working closely and directly with the Google team that specialises in handling partners who are felt to be strategic in the development and implementation of scalable and technologically advanced solutions for companies, in this case for companies in the hotel sector. As such, Blastness is in a position to receive significant technical support from Google, in both sales and training, and at the same time guarantee the maximum requirements for creation, management and optimisation of Google AdWords and Google Hotel Ads campaigns.

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