Are you a Hotel?

A platform for high performance accommodation websites

Today, more than ever before, several technological aspects of a hotel's website can no longer beneglected.

The proprietary Blastness Content Management System (CMS) was developed to create high-performance websites for the hospitality industry and to provide all hoteliers with a degree of autonomy in content and page management.
The Blastness CMS is connected to the Content Delivery Network system provided by Microsoft Azure and can replicate site content in 118 hubs around the world, ensuring the same speed of navigation on a  worldwide scale.

A platform for high performance accommodation websites 1
Created to perform at the best

Sites built with the CMS are full responsive, mobile-first and optimized for search engine rankings (SEO) and allow for customized and granular cookie management. To maximize advertising investments, conversion tracking codes can be integrated. Page speed is optimized in both desktop and mobile-first formats, in full compliance with Google Hotel insights.

A platform for high performance accommodation websites 2
Maximum autonomy for you

Thanks to the proprietary CMS, you can publish articles, photos, documents or customized maps in complete autonomy or add pop-ups and banners linked to your booking engine to give maximum visibility to your special offers. You will also be able to set up information request forms and enable online check-in to speed up communication and requests management.

Integrated Management System

Manage availability and rates centrally directly from the IMS


A single interactive control panel to analyse and manage different hotel systems

Market Intelligence

Predictive solution for monitoring market trends


Concrete support for your sales strategies

Rate Shopper

Monitor your facility's positioning against competitors


The easy-to-read report for analyzing and monitoring sales performance


Reports to analyze the overall performance of the accommodation facility using data from the PMS


Maximise the performance of your ads on engines and metamotors