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A platform for high performance accommodation websites

Today, more than ever before, several technological aspects of a hotel's website can no longer be neglected.

BlastCube is the bespoke CMS developed by Blastness for the creation and management of high-performance websites in the hospitality sector. It is connected to the Content Delivery Network system provided by Microsoft Azure and can replicate site content in 118 hubs around the world, ensuring the same speed of navigation on a worldwide scale.

Our websites have the following technical features:
  • Responsive and mobile-first
  • Code and content optimised for positioning in the Search Engines (SEO)
  • Customised and granular management of cookies
  • Integration of codes for conversion tracking (also inter-domain)
  • Page Speed in both desktop format and in mobile version, in full compliance with the Google Hotel Insight guidelines
  • Automatic updating of sitemaps every time a change is made, so that the search engines are always updated about what is happening on the website
The CMS allows your website to be managed so that you can be as autonomous as possible when modifying and creating content.
You can also take advantage of numerous additional functions that allow you to enrich your website, for example:

  • Online check-in to speed up the customer registration process
  • Pop-ups and banners linked to your booking engine or to specific offers
  • Information request form
  • Customised maps
  • Pressroom form for publishing articles, high resolution photos for download, documents etc.
  • Articles form for highlighting specific news items and events
Do you need to create a new website for your accommodation?
  • We are specialised in creating websites for the Hospitality sector
  • On average, we publish one website every three days
  • We have designed websites for resorts, independent hotels, boutique hotels, historic residences, hotel groups, etc.
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