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Villa Sabolini Dimora Storica

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In partnership with Blastness since 2019

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Goals and Strategies
Increase the impact of the official website

Direct sales have increased by 1838% in 6 years thanks to the optimisation of strategies for the official channel's sales - including ensuring exclusive conditions, not only in terms of rates but also dedicated offers - and the activation of Pay Per Click campaigns on search engines and meta-search engines.

RevPAR Increase

Constant work on optimizing volumes and average revenue has led to a 93% growth in average rates, which have increased from around 60 to around 115 euros.

Strategic Product

The daily and constant use of the Blastness Suite, particularly the internal modules of Business Intelligence and the RMS, has allowed for dynamic action on rates and, more generally, on all online distribution channels to optimise revenues.

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Webisite growth
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RevPAR growth
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The customer's word
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Marta Fontani
Hotel Manager
How did you learn about Blastness and why did you choose it?

I learned about Blastness through word of mouth; other operators in my area were already using it, and it was love at first click. It has accompanied me since the beginning of my career as Director at Villa Sabolini. Over the years, we have increasingly expanded our collaboration: we started with supply and then moved to a partnership.

How has Blastness improved your daily operations?

Having been in Partnership for a number of years, I have been able to take advantage of all the tools that have been made available, and this has made running an accommodation business easier in every way. Specifically: the ease of use, the systems that are so intuitive, simple and fast to use, as well as the interfaces that have been created for the most common PMS systems, which make the day-to-day work smooth and easy to manage, even for new employees just starting out in this business.

Which product could you not do without?

Definitely the Blastness Suite! With its detailed and comprehensive reporting, it's the tool that a hotel director cannot do without. I was amongst the first to use it and I can say that with this product Blastness has really provided the completeness of "all in one" that everyone is looking for. Thanks to my university studies, I am particularly focused on revenue management and I really like being able to take autonomous actions regarding my property, and Blastness Suite is the perfect tool! The mobile application completes everything, allowing us to work on our property even remotely. It's what we were looking for!.

Which strategic activity contributes most to improving your competitiveness against OTAs?

I think it's a combination of things that improve our competitiveness: certainly the meticulously studied revenue strategy, the work done on the room mix by putting some rooms on exclusive sale on our website, and above all the dynamism to change any strategies or settings as needed, with our revenue manager always available for consultation.

What do you see as the added value of Blastness in relation to the growth in turnover?

Certainly, the added value is the careful study of strategies with the professionals of the team who have led us to analyse all aspects of the micro and macro market in 360 degrees, the analysis of the room mix, the analysis of the right actions to take based on seasonality, the comparison with our competitors and much more. As I mentioned before, the constant support of a revenue manager to help us with this growth is definitely the cornerstone of this collaboration to achieve our goals. In 2023, we also had the honour of being awarded by Blastness for "Top Revpar Growth" over the last 3 years... I think the data speaks for itself!

Given the results achieved, what do you think is the strength of our PPC campaigns?

Certainly the choice of keywords to use and the geographical targeting specifically chosen for our property and the services we offer. I would say the strength lies in the customisation that Blastness gives to each campaign for each hotel.

What are your new goals for the future?

I have been the director of Villa Sabolini for 12 years and each new year is a challenge for us to do better, setting ourselves higher and higher targets in terms of production, occupancy, ADR and RevPAR. Thanks to the partnership with Blastness, we have set targets for 5 years and I am confident that we will achieve them all as planned.

Why should a hotel choose Blastness today?

Definitely to keep up with the times, because thanks to its technologies, Blastness always manages to have all the information and, above all, all the means to be able to ride the market using the latest generation of websites, and also to always have at hand all the data needed to make our companies profitable.