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Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa

179 Rooms

In partnership with Blastness since 2009

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Goals and Strategies
Increase the impact of the official website

Thanks to the strategies and systems provided by Blastness, the official website has surpassed OTAs and has been the primary online sales channel for several years.

Integration between systems and activities

Blastness technologies enabled a data-driven approach and seamless system integration, which has been instrumental in crafting revenue and marketing strategies that have allowed for the complete achievement of agreed objectives.

Strategic Product

Over time, CRS and PMS Business Intelligence have become indispensable for monitoring sales trends and the effectiveness of commercial actions.

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The customer's word
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Francesca Autore | Antonio Bufo
Director of Sales & Marketing | Revenue & Reservation Manager
How did you learn about Blastness?

We were among the first to collaborate with Blastness 15 years ago to redesign the website of Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa in Rome, and later we extended the collaboration to the other hotels in the Roberto Naldi Collection, in Italy and abroad.

How has Blastness improved your day-to-day operations?

Blastness tools for monitoring business performance, as well as the Channel Manager interface — which connects almost all of our partners directly to our PMS — are fundamental aspects of our day-to-day operations. Moreover, the support and expertise in disintermediation and Pay Per Click campaigns have been absolutely essential for us.

Which product could you no longer do without?

The CRS and intelligence and reporting tools.

Which strategic activity do you believe contributes more to improving your competitiveness compared to OTAs?

A good user experience on the official website as well as PPC campaigns undoubtedly contribute to disintermediation; however, it is fundamental to have a revenue strategy at the core to achieve an advantage. There is excellent cooperation between the revenue department of Blastness and Antonio Bufo, Revenue Manager of Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa.

Regarding the revenue growth achieved, what do you think is the added value of Blastness?

I would distinguish the static added value due to the connection with the Channel Manager from the dynamic one represented by intelligence tools and support for the development and growth of the official website.

Considering the results achieved, what do you think is the strength of our PPC campaigns?

The constant focus that Blastness places on strategy.

What new objective do you have for the future?

To invest more in disintermediation, looking at new emerging tools, but also to confirm our presence on all sales channels, optimising the sales strategy of the direct channel thanks to the contribution of Blastness in terms of technical knowledge and revenue strategy.

Why should a hotel choose Blastness now?

To have a partner they can rely on that is always up-to-date; this is key to positioning themselves correctly in the market and keeping up with competitors. Secondly, for the benefits of a well-established Channel Manager connected with many partners. Last but not least, to optimise revenues through the Revenue Management System.