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Publication date: January 2022
Googled My Business becomes Google Business Profile

At the end of 2021, Google announced the rebranding of its Google My Business (GMB) service as Google Business Profile (GBP), in order to better convey the purpose of the tool itself: to act as a real online business card, by rendering important information accessible and usable in a quick and easy manner.

Launched in 2014, the Google My Business service has allowed businesses to render their information accessible online, and to be easily found by users in online search results. In 2019 it established itself as a benchmark for businesses that wanted to consolidate their online presence.

The importance of having a well-structured company profile on Google is highlighted by the data reported by Ipsos Research: an up-to-date profile makes it 2.7 times more likely that the business will be considered more reliable, leads to 7 times more clicks, is 70% more likely to attract website visitors, and is 50% more likely to result a purchase being made.

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What new features have been introduced with the Google Business Profile update?
  • Business owners (who are logged in to their Google accounts) can manage and update their profiles directly from the Google search page or from Google Maps. It will no longer be necessary to log in to the Google My Business website or application, which will be discontinued during the course of the year;
  • Users will be able to get in touch with the business directly through the Google Business Profile, thus giving the business owner the ability to immediately respond and provide all the information requested;
  • Message read receipts will be introduced;
  • It will be possible to track the customer call history and view it directly on the Google search page and on Google Maps, in order to avoid missing any calls (this function is still in the experimentation phase);
  • The Q&A section will be quicker and easier to manage.

The new Google Business Profile will therefore facilitate access information by users, while at the same time encouraging the management and updating of content by businesses, which will be able to maintain direct contact with users more easily.

Today, having an optimised and updated Google Business Profile is essential to maintaining an adequate presence in Google search results, as well as on Google Maps and Google Travel.

Blastness currently manages several hundred Google Business Profiles for hospitality establishments. Thanks to its partnership with Google, Blastness also has direct access to Google support, which allows us to quickly resolve any problems that might arise.


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