Are you a Hotel?

The new RMS Dashboard

July 2023

The new page that allows you to analyse and monitor the main KPIs at a glance, simplifying and optimising price action

A new user interface created to have access from a single panel to all key information: from your hotel's performance (Revenue, ADR, Room Nights) to market data (Competitor Positioning, Events, Demand Pressure) to easily identify the correct price at which to sell.
The Dashboard also integrates the RMS Rules system that makes rate changes dynamic and minimises manual intervention, allowing you to spend more time on strategic analysis.

Easily monitoring the daily rate strategy of your main competitors allows you to check how your hotel is positioned according to its characteristics and its target market: from the new RMS Dashboard you have one-click access to all the information related to your dynamic competitive set.

Knowing in advance the events scheduled in your destination is essential to better organise your offer and be prepared for the growth of demand. Thanks to the calendar of national and international events, divided by category (music, sports, conferences...), you have the possibility to find out in real time their impact on the local market by single date.