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Maldivian Canopus Retreats enriches Blastness portfolio

5 May 2021


Blastness - the first CRS provider in Italy for 5-star hotels for more than 9 consecutive years - lands in the Maldives. The company, which has won the trust of more than 800 hotels since 2004, is starting its first collaboration with a Maldivian reality: Canopus Retreats. A new opportunity that will allow Blastness to deal with a different context, strengthened by the know-how acquired in the hospitality market over the last 17 years.

The company has already been working for several seasons with hotels outside Italy, including, for example, the Roberto Naldi Collection hotels in Paris and Lugano - which recently renewed their trust in Blastness - and the 8 hotels of the Domina Coral Bay in Sharm el-Sheik.

The Italian management of the Beach Hotel represented in Italy by HTMS INTERNATIONAL said "until 2019 our pool was mainly represented by Italian repetears. The pandemic has accelerated an internationalisation that was already in our plans. We decided to turn to Blastness so that the image of our structure and our global positioning would be consistent with the increasing level of our services".

The collaboration with Canopus Retreats - Guest House located on the island of Thulusdhoo, the Maldivian surfer's paradise - will enable the property to equip itself with innovative technologies to maximise its electronic distribution and create an appropriate web presence for a unique and distinctive positioning.