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BN Palace Temple for Hospitality and Technology

May 2022

Imperious, majestic, elegant. Palazzo BN is history made. New, renewed, visionary. It is the architectural and leisure project signed and wanted by Renè De Picciotto, a former Italo-Swiss banker in love with Italy and, in particular, Puglia. A bank - the Banco di Napoli - that made history in the 1930s and which today, thanks to a refined recovery and restoration operation, is a hotel with 13 luxury flats and a gastronomic offer comprising three restaurants and a roof garden, a terrace with the city's first roof garden.

In 2019, entrepreneur Renè De Picciotto acquired the property that had been unused for 10 years and started a renovation and conversion process that led to the birth of Palazzo BN. A temple to hospitality, in the spaces that once housed offices, there are now 13 residential units: real flats designed for medium-length stays, or for those who want to feel at home, without giving up the services of a large hotel. A new protagonist of Lecce's hotellerie in which identity elements of the past (the stairs, the refined marble and the historic safes) and the innovation of the present coexist. The technology chosen to take Palazzo BN into the future of hotellerie beauty takes a leading role.

The highest expression of a choice of technological innovation at the service of well-being is in the BN Fitness centre located in the old vaults. Palazzo BN is the first luxury hotel to have a D-Wall, a digital mirror that allows guests to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and check their state of strength, balance, endurance, agilitỳ and joint mobility.

The same focus on technology and innovation has also found translation in digital business management and development. Palazzo BN has chosen Blastness as its growth partner. Blastness is an Italian company that for over 17 years has been providing technology platforms for electronic distribution and supporting accommodation facilities in the development of e-commerce with a focus on the direct sales channel, the official website.

Thanks to the collaboration with Blastness, Palazzo BN now makes use of the most advanced technological platforms both for the management of hotel bookings and the various sales channels, and for rate movement and performance analysis. The aim will also be to strengthen the brand's presence in digital markets thanks to online advertising campaigns, and to maximise the turnover generated by online room sales thanks to revenue management strategies developed ad hoc with respect to the structure's peculiarities and the reference market.

The innovative offer and uniqueness of Palazzo BN, coupled with the consolidated experience of Blastness in the luxury segment, lay the foundations for a successful partnership.