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Dynamic, flexible and reliable company, focused on the client’s revenue and sales volumes, since 2005 Blastness provides hotels with information systems, services, trainings and consulting.

Team, vision and Values

Consistency in actions, loyalty and integrity is the company’s spirit to achieve the best possible result.

A united and cooperative team made of brave people, with a passionate and rational working attitude. The pursuit of excellence and openness to innovation is crucial to us: constantly improving every stage of the work flow both with new technologies and daily training. Our team works with determination and perseverance to achieve its goals, everyone is aware that their skills are essential for a united group to meet the market’s needs and be competitive.

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The Mission

Blastness mission since its foundation is to be the most reliable hotel business development partner, to grow and expand its range of action in a constantly changing landscape.

The company brings together specialized expertise and resources, explores new channels, new methodologies and new market segments.
Moreover, thanks to the Blastness Distribution module, the company extends more effectively its contribution to all segments of the partner hotel business, to be the cross and complementary response to franchise, affiliation, representation and management companies.
The company’s mission, intended as a goal shared by the entire organizational structure, is to keep Blastness among the leaders in its sector.

Andrea Delfini

Here are some excerpts from a recent interview to Andrea Delfini, president of Blastness, highlighting the strengths and future scenarios for the hotel business market.

The Hospitality sector has undergone a major transformation in the recent few years, which was a lot faster than the generational change working in this field.

The company provides integrated systems, services, training and consulting to increase the sale of rooms through internet channels, increase traffic to the hotel website and interfacing with existing systems.
With the internet, the booking system has changed radically. Recent researches show that the user who book a room on line uses more OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Expedia, Booking, Venere rather than traditional search engines like Google. Also, after choosing a hotel via OTA, more than 50% visit the official website before making a reservation.

Computerizing containers of lowest prices and availability is the biggest recent innovation

Systems such as the Blastness CRS have been developed, to allow hotel business to manage all electronic channels in an automated, integrated and coordinated mode through a single control panel. Training, then, intended as “cultural re-orientation” is critical to empathize with customers and educate managers and employees on the new logic of electronic distribution.



The Blastness Products: Technologies, activities, advice and know-how for the development of the hotel business.



Blastness Consulting

Blastness Consulting deals with strategic consultancy focused on the tourism and hospitality industry. The contemporary market no longer requires only qualified support in operations, but needs support in the strategy and financial strategy.

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Our Target

The company aims to support entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. On one hand, Blastness Consulting provides accurate analysis for the identification of performance improvement strategies and plans for their implementation; on the other hand it supports the hotel management company and industry investors in the search for financial backers (banks, investment funds and asset management companies).

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Solutions and formulas focused on the Return on Investment and supported by Project Finance methodologies.


Blastness takes charge of the activities shared with the customer/partner for the development and management of their business, through different contractual arrangements.The company is able to build different kind of relationships with its clients: from the simple delivery of services, consulting and operational management, as well as multi-year partnership with the hotels.
Within the market, Blastness ranks as a business developer for hotels. Thanks to its not just technological know-how, the company has acquired expertise in various areas, partnering with clients at every development stage.
The different wide-ranging solutions are flexible and adaptable to meet every client’s need.

The different Blastness solutions




The industry experience and success stories are Blastness's main strength. We are currently working with more than 700 hospitality firms in Italy ranging from guest houses to grand hotels, as well as major hotel chains.


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